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Rustic Twig Furniture

Rustic Twig Furniture
Our rustic products originate in the woods of Liberty, Maine where we personally collect the trees and build this furniture.  Each piece is unique, dependent upon the individual character of the wood found.  Whether it's an unexpected branch or a small piece twisted around another, each item has its own special details.

Alder Chair with Arms
Our bentwood chair is roomy and comfortable!  They are available with "woven" backs (shown) or "wild" backs (small branching pieces instead of the woven look).  Chairs can be made in any size, or rocker style. Give us a call!

Chair with Arms ~ $375
"Maine Kid's Chair" ~ $325
Chair with Arms

Maine Twig Rocking Chair Maine Twig Rocker
The awesome rockin' chair is built for durability and comfort. We use locally cut Maine hardwoods (ash and cherry lumber) for the rocker runners. The whole thing is assembled with bronze fasteners which look great and are very strong.

Adult Chair ~ $475

Alder Love Seat
The bentwood love seat has the same features as the single chair, but is wider.  The love seat is available in 3' to 5' widths.

3ft ~ $475
4ft ~ $650
5ft ~ $775
Alder Twig Loveseat

Alder Side Chair Alder Side Chair
A bit smaller than the "Alder Chair with Arms" (above), the side chair does not have arms.  It is available with woven or wild back.
~ $250


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