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Natural Stone Jewelry

Natural Stone Jewelry Stone Pendants
We search for the most beautiful small granite pieces we can find. Each pendant is a simple but striking natural piece of jewelry for a man, woman or child. Stones are strung on high quality Greek leather cord with adjustable ties to fit everyone.

Stone size 3/4 to 1 1/2" diameter ~ $22 each

Ring Holders
This is a "rock to hold your rock." We select really nice stones as a 2" to 3 " base and insert a matching granite post which may hold anywhere from 1 to 10 rings.

~ $24
Granite Ring Holder

Natural Stone Jewelry Box or Urn Jewelry Box / Urn
Granite vessels can be used for jewelry, secret stashes or even as a burial urn. This is a special keepsake gift.

2 - 3" high ~ $56
3 - 5" high ~ $75
5 - 7" high ~ $125

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