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Stone for Home and Office

The "Maine Granite Clock"
Each of these beautiful stones holds a 1 1/2" quartz time piece with a removable face and 1 year battery.

Stone height is 3"-5" ~ $38
Maine Granie Clock

Granite Card Holder Granite Card Holders
These granite card holders add a rich accent to your business card.  May also be used to display photos or as a recipe card holder.

~ $24

Granite Book Ends
These natural stone book ends are available in 2 sizes: Small (3"-5") for CDs and small books. Medium (5"-7").  Medium are shown here.

Small ~ $44 per pair
Medium ~ $64 per pair
Granite Bookends

Natural Stone Knobs & Pulls Stone Cabinet & Drawer Pulls
These granite tone handles can be used on any cabinet door or drawer. We include the hardware for mounting. Stones are drilled and fastened to brass hardware with epoxy. They're beautiful, well made and secure.

~ $14.00 each

Salt & Pepper
A 3" stone is the holder for a pair of stainless steel shakers. The shakers are approximately 2" high and 1" in diameter.

~ $32
Stainless Salt & Pepper on Granite Base

Granite Shakers Granite Shakers
Stone cylinders are carefully machined and honed. Every shaker is hand polished with diamond paper to highlight the grain of the stone. These are nice. 2" diameter, 3-4" high.

~ $125 pair

Soap Dispenser
A beautiful kitchen or bath accessory. Each dispenser is 5-8" tall. The pump part can be removed and the stone used as a flower vase.

~ $56
Granite Soap Pump

Soap and Toothbrush Holders Stone Soap Dish & Toothbrush Holder
Add a unique touch to your bathroom decor.  Toothbrush holders are available in various sizes, and requested number of toothbrush slots.

Toothbrush Holder
3 hole ~ $32
4 hole ~ $38
5 hole ~ $48

Soap Dish ~ $60

Toothpick / Matchstick Holder
Nice accessory for the kitchen or around the hearth or woodstove.

~ $28
Match Holder


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